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FreeStyle Optium Blood Glucose Meter Bundle * $40 Cashback

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$40 cashback, please fill out the Abbbott Diabetes Care $40 off Promotion voucher which is sent for you with the purchase to redeem your $40 cashback!

The Freestyle Optium™ Diabetes Monitoring System is an important blood glucose monitoring tool that can help you better manage your diabetes. Using the system can help you understand your diabetes and what happens with food, exercise, stress, illness, and diabetes medications.

Bundle Contains:

-Optium Xceed blood glucose meter 

-Easy Touch™ Lancing Device
-10 Lancets 
-Carry case
- Bonus 100 Lancets
- Bonus 10 test Strips

Memory holds 450 test results; displayed averages 7, 14, 30 days
Very fast test time (5 seconds)
Lifetime Warranty - with free once a year battery replacement

Also available Optium Xceed™ ß -Ketone test strips
Many people with diabetes can benefit from measuring blood ketones as part of their overall diabetes management programme. Optium Xceed™ is the only meter able to let you test your blood ketones at home. Simply by changing test strip you can use Optium Xceed™ to measure your blood ketones - a test takes just 10 seconds, and knowing in plenty of time when ketones are rising might just save your life. This item is a special order on request.


Catalogue Code 2878
Brand FreeStyle Optium

General Information
FreeStyle Optium, previously known as the Optium Xceed

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