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Pharmacor Hair Revive Minoxidil Extra Strength 5% 2 x 60mL ( Two Months Supply )

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Hair Revive is a new, more affordable generic version of Rogaine 5% .

Hair regrowth treatment:
* Initial regrowth is soft and downy
* At least 3-4 months treatment may be required before an effect can be seen
* Dense regrowth in ~10% and moderate in ~30%
* Continuous treatment required
* Regression of new hair seen after 2-4 months following discontinuation
* 1ml twice daily applied to the scalp

* 2 x 60ml bottles with applicator

AUST R 137251

Catalogue Code 4897
Brand Hair Revive
Manufacturer Pharmacor

Directions for use- Adult
Apply 1 mL in the morning and at night onto dry scalp in the hair loss area.


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