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Image 1 for CoaguChek® XS system ( For Professional Use Only )

CoaguChek® XS system ( For Professional Use Only )

RRP $849.95


Please contact 07 55398438 or Email if you are unable to place an order, Thank you!

Each individual reacts differently to oral anticoagulant treatment. Stress, other drugs e.g. some pain killers or antibiotics, diets rich in vitamin K (e.g sprout or cabbage) or alcohol, may interfere with oral anti-coagulant therapy (drugs called vitamin K antagonists).

Some conditions like fever or diarrhoea might also have an impact on INR results. It is therefore needed to check the PT/INR regularly.
The Roche CoaguChek XS system gives very fast (1 min) PT/INR results using capillary blood using only one drop from the fingertip.

The CoaguChek XS instrument kit consists of different components.

The following components are included:
1 x CoaguChek XS meter
4 x AAA batteries
1 x Carry case, which allows the patient to keep all items incl.
1 x vial of 20 lancets 
1 x Coaguchek softclix lancing device

* Two years warranty from the date of purchase *

Additional required components are the PT test strips (in a vial):
Box with 1 vial of 24 strips with a code chip

or Box with 1 vial of 24 strips  each with a code chip

Also see the Coaguchek system bundle which contains everything to get you started

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BrandCoaguChek Xs
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With the CoaguChek XS system and Self-Monitoring, you will benefit from more:

* Comfort
* One drop of capillary whole blood (only 10 �l) to get a quick (1 min) and precise INR result

* Virtually pain-free testing using CoaguChek Softclix lancing device: there is no need for venous blood sampling

* Choice between top-dosing and side-dosing options offers an easier application of blood

*Possibility to test anywhere and anytime: it is easy to transport due to its low weight and size, and logistics are easy as strips are stable at room temperature (no refrigeration is required)

* Safety

* You can count on an On-Board-Integrated-System Control (OBIS).
It comprises:

* On-board integrity check of every strip directly in the measuring channel (OS2C system)
* Failsafe features: device and strip are constantly checked during the measuring process e.g. check for sufficient blood volume application

* Automatic control of internal system functions
* Give yourself peace of mind and improve your quality of life with the CoaguChek XS system from Roche Diagnostics!

General Information

When setting up machine for the first time please call 1800 645 619 and choose option 1