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Dulcolax SP Drops 30mL

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Dulcolax relieves constipation by stimulating the bowel muscles through a series of natural pulsed motions called peristalsis.
By accumulating water into the intestines resulting in the softening of its contents. These two features encourage natural bowel movements. When taken at night, Dulcolax SP Drops provide relief the next morning.

When taken over a few days, Dulcolax SP Drops help restore regularity.Dulcolax SP Drops act on the lining of the lower bowel to stimulate natural bowel movement. Unlike many other drugs, only very small amounts of Bisacodyl (Tablets  &  Suppositories) and Sodium Picosulfate (Dulcolax SP Drops) enters the blood stream and therefore have very few side effects. Both ingredients are well tolerated.

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Adults and Children over 10 years - Initially 10 drops at night. Increase up to 20 drops if required.
Children 4-10 years - 5-10 drops at night.

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