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Image 1 for Emla  5% Dermal Patches x 20

Emla 5% Dermal Patches x 20

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Emla is a local skin anaesthetic that is applied to the skin prior to procedures such as needles, to help prevent pain. By applying emla at home prior to your procedure, you can significantly reduce the pain and distress for you and your child,  is recommended for many procedures, and is suitable for use by adults and children over six months.

In days gone by, looking good sometimes involved painful procedures. But thanks to emla , looking good can be less painful. emla is an effective skin anaesthetic that can be used to lessen the pain of many minor cosmetic procedures.1 Simply apply emla 1 hour before the procedure for emla to work.1


So if you are contemplating a minor cosmetic procedure such as laser hair removal, dermabrasion or skin restoration ask your healthcare professional if emla is suitable - used by over 200 million people worldwide as a skin anaesthetic.



The creams are recommended for superficial skin surgery and anaesthesia of larger areas and are available as 5 x 5g tubes with 10 dressings.



The Patches are recommended for needles and anaesthesia of small areas and are available in pack of 2 or 20.


Catalogue Code2851
ManufacturerAstra Zeneca
Script Required?No


Take one of the occlusive dressings and remove the centre cut-out piece. Peel the protective paper away from the underside.
Apply the patch to the skin, pressing firmly round the edges to ensure good adhesion. Write the time of application onto the dressing.
Do not press the centre of the patch. This may squeeze emulsion out under the adhesive.
Press down the edges firmly to avoid leakage.Remove the paper frame. Write the time of application onto the dressing. Make sure that the area of skin to be anaesthetised is clean and dry, e.g. remove any make-up.
Bend back the aluminium backing of the emla� patch at the exposed corner and separate it from the patch.
Do not touch the round white pad in the centre that contains emla.
The longer the cream stays on, the better the anaesthetic effect.


Do not apply near eyes or on broken skin.