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Image 1 for Fab Iron + Vitamin B Complex Tablets 80

Fab Iron + Vitamin B Complex Tablets 80

RRP $19.95



FAB Iron Tablets are a nutritional tonic containing the original organic, amino acid -chelated, Iron plus B complex vitamins to provide a balanced supplement to restore and maintain your bounce and vitality. FAB Iron Tablets are ideal for:
Sports people - People with busy lifestyles and irregular meal times
Teenagers, especially girls - When you are recovering from blood loss
Iron and vitamin deficiencies - Vegetarians and vegans
People who diet to lose weight
Pregnant women and nursing mothers can take our pregnancy formulation FABFOL Plus
FAB Iron Tablets are easy to take, easy to absorb and easy on your stomach

Catalogue Code1975
BrandFab Iron
ManufacturerMedical Reserch Trust
Script Required?No

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