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Iron Melts Chewable Tablets 50

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IRON MELTS are a pleasant tasting iron and vitamin supplement which literally melt in your mouth. Iron is an important trace mineral that is found in every cell of the body. However, iron deficiency, which can lead to anaemia, is a very common nutritional deficiency worldwide, especially in women. Iron supplements are often required by many both men and women - to assist in raising iron levels. help to establish iron levels back to normal and therefore avoid symptoms associated with anaemia. It also contain other vitamins that may be lacking in some people''s diet and are important for general well being.


The iron and vitamins in IRON MELTS are absorbed after the very first dose, however, the length of time it takes for iron levels to normalise and any symptoms of iron deficiency to resolve may vary between people. Pregnant women Breast feeding mothers, People whose diet is low in natural iron, especially vegetarians. Women with heavy menstrual bleeding or who experienced blood loss after childbirth. Growing children aged above 4 years with inadequate dietary intake of natural iron and vitamins. Adolescents who may be prone to rapid growth rates, erratic eating habits or body image concerns. People with conditions such as depression, dementia or Alzheimer''s Disease whose dietary intake may be lacking People on fad diets People who consume excess tea or coffee - these drinks can affect the absorption of iron. Pleasant fruity taste!


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BrandIron Melts
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