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Parachoc 400mL

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Children''s Parachoc is a lubricant laxative preparation which contains liquid paraffin . It contains no bowel stimulant, and thus works gently by lubricating and softening the faecal mass, ensuring that it is not hard and painful to pass.

What is CHILDREN''S PARACHOC used for, and how does it work?
Children''s Parachoc is used for the medical management of constipation in children from 12 months of age. It is also suitable for adults.

How should CHILDREN''S PARACHOC be taken?
Children''s Parachoc should be taken as a once daily dose. Do not give Children''s Parachoc within 2 hours of lying down to reduce the risk of aspiration (paraffin being regurgitated and inhaled into the lungs). Inadvertent inhalation (breathing into the lungs) of liquid paraffin during sleep can cause serious respiratory problems.
Because Children''s Parachoc is not a bowel stimulant, patients must be aware that it can take up to 4 days for a change in dose to work. Therefore the new daily dose must be maintained for at least that time to assess how effective the change is. Further alteration may be necessary, and similarly a 4 day period should be allowed to assess that change before any further alterations in dose are made.

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Dosage instructions

Age Dose
12 months - 6 years Start with 10ml - 15ml daily and increase or decrease in 5ml graduations until desired effect is achieved
7 years - 12 years Start with 20ml daily and increase or decrease in 5ml graduations until desired effect is achieved.

General Information

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