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Fess Nasal Spray 75mL

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You can use FESS Nasal Spray for effective colds and flu relief - even when you''re pregnant, on medication, or just sick of feeling blocked up.  Because FESS is a non-medicated, alkaline buffered saline spray, you can use it as frequently as you like.

Regular use helps provide:

  • Clears and soothes dry nasal passages
  • Washes away the germs that cause colds
  • Naturally thins mucus, so it flows away more easily
  • Stimulates the nose''s natural defence mechanism

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Can FESS be used with medical products?
If the nose is very congested, a pharmacy recommended decongestant spray will help "open up" the nasal cavity before applying FESS, and should be used 5 minutes prior to this. Please note that the medical nasal decongestant should not be used for more than a few days.

If you are taking steroids, simply use FESS 5-10 minutes before to thin and clear the mucus. The steroid works better when it is sprayed onto nasal membranes that have been cleaned by FESS. This allows the steroid to reach deeper into the nose and sinuses to maximise penetration of the medication.