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Hirudoid Cream 20g

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Hirudoid dissolves bruises up to 50% faster!
It''s a fact that women bruise more easily than men. Plastic surgeons are aware of the excellent results achieved with Hirudoid in bruising and swelling and recommend it for their patients after surgery. Studies have proven that Hirudoid can reduce the healing time of a bruise by up to 50% and is also effective for treating the swelling.  Reduces the healing time of sprains 

The pain of sprains and other minor injuries is a common problem and frequently causes absence from work. Hirudoid increases the blood flow by dilating the peripheral blood vessels. This promotes speedier absorption of fluid from the tissues. In one study, 83% of patients who used Hirudoid were fully mobile within one week. Impressive success in the treatment of scars .

The MPS in Hirudoid is able to attract water and therefore loosen the connective tissue preventing a dense accumulation of the fibres, which create a thick scar. Several studies have shown that Hirudoid softens scars, increases flexibility of the scar tissue, reduces redness and results in a better cosmetic appearance. 

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